Thursday, October 06, 2005

The cat thinks it's a star

After the praise he received in a forum "somewhere only we know" on the Internet, the cat's ego has been blown out of proportion! He thinks he is a star now. He has got himself a manager, opened a fan club and ordered a stack of autograph cards. He will be touring Europe next, I think. But for now he is lying on the living room table behind me, his yellow eyes staring at my back. He does not like it, when I deal with other things than him. Well, tough luck! I have a blog to write.

Right now we are listening to Jack Johnson singing about "Banana Pancakes". I bought his new CD today and the price brought tears to my eyes! €18.99 and it is not even a special edition! But it is truely beautiful music, simple in the best sense of the word with a laid-back feel to it. In a world, where this annoying frog can make it to No.1 in the charts, we cannot be thankful enough that this kind of music exists!


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