Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am not your lunch!

Training done this week:

Specific: 510 mins, 65.6k (longest run: 21.3k)
Unspecific: 60 mins

Today in the forest I was circled by a bird of prey flying at low altitude. It was so low, I could have touched it if I'd reached out with my arm. I am not sure exactly, but I believe it was a common buzzard. It circled over my head twice, probably pondering if I'd make a tasty lunch. It must have decided to stick with mice and headed over to a nearby meadow to do some more low altitude circling.
Wise decision! It would have had to work through several layers of sportswear and functional underwear to get to my more nutritious parts. Not really worth the effort, I think.

13 days to go.


At April 12, 2010 12:05 am, Blogger Uli said...

May be the bird was looking for a place to start nesting - but then you got too fast ;-)

Hats off! Well done, your mileage is really impressing and should enable you to enjoy London all along the route up to The Mall.

See You!


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