Thursday, August 07, 2008

Changing rooms

My holidays are almost over, just this week and then I am back in the office. I managed to relax and trained a lot for the Berlin marathon. Only two months to go...

This week was spent doing up the bedroom, which was necessary since the carpet had been approximately 12 years old and Mr Cat had torn big holes into it. This blog is called "Changing Rooms", but I cannot be arsed to DIY and I love my family and friends, but I wouldn't let them do it for me, especially without me knowing what they're up to. So I hired a professional painter to do the job and I restricted my input to chosing a new carpet, a new colour for the walls and new curtains. Of course, I removed all stuff from the bedroom before he started the work and I took the opportunity to clean out the wardrobe. Five big blue bags with clothes are going to charity and one is going to the dump. Paulchen of course is going to neither:

The old carpet was dark blue...

... the new one is much lighter in colour and makes the room look bigger...

They boys were not entirely happy with the refurbishing, even though the painter and his tools intrigued them. Curiosity and the cat, you know. But when he used a very noisy machine to remove the old carpet they cuddled close to each other on the sofa for comfort:

All three of us agreed that project "do up the living room" is postponed indefinitely.


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