Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I can touch my knee without bending down

Today it was my turn to walk - or be walked by - Gero. That's his name, so if you ever show up at the shelter and they tell you, that you are taking Gero for a walk, make sure you have your running shoes on. He pulls so strongly, that my right arm is now significantly longer than my left arm. Otherwise he is a lovely fellow. Not interested in bikes or joggers, friendly to all other dogs. I would take him home with me, if I wasn't working full time. The boys have lived with a dog before, so I am sure they wouldn't mind.

It's cold in Germany. We walked for 2 hours and managed 10k. If you take off time to sniff and pee (the dog, not me), you can tell we didn't stroll.

Afterwards I went for the final run this year, another 10k, but in almost half the time. Next year "stats of the week" will be back (my only New Year's resolution).


At January 12, 2009 10:21 am, Blogger Kay said...

Loved catching up with you and your doggie and non-doggie runs - and the photos of the cats of course; behaving like cats do - sleeping on the washing / laundry and taking over the furniture, as all respectable felines do. Happy New Year Sabine.


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