Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does

It's done. Finish time 05:06:15, my worst marathon ever. The splits show that I was doing quite well in the first half:

Split Time
5K - 00:31:08
10K - 01:03:05
15K - 01:35:22
20K - 02:08:45
HALF - 02:16:11
25K - 02:44:30
30K - 03:23:42
35K - 04:08:34
40K - 04:48:11

So what happened in the second half? Well, my Achilles' tendon "happened". It started hurting, so I slowed down considerably. Eventually I had to swallow my pride and walk for some minutes, then I ran again and walked and ran and walked and... you get the picture. I am not kidding myself, I would have had to slow down anyway. But not that much overall, I believe.

Today I went to see my physiotherapist for a massage and to get everything fixed that I messed up on Sunday. I love that man... in a platonic way, of course. His hands should be insured like some supermodels insure their legs. When I told him about the Achilles' tendon he immediately said that the tendon was probably not the real problem since I did not have any problems before. He twisted and turned me, massaged and stretched. I could hear a couple of "plops" coming from my spine, just where he predicted they would. So he was probably right. Could all of this have been caused by the fact that I travelled to London by train carrying a very (VERY) heavy rucksack? Stupid is as stupid does.

Travel report and more pictures will follow.


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