Saturday, October 08, 2005


I have added some more links of organisations etc. I feel passionate about. The links section should be seen as "under construction", more links will probably follow over time. For clarity I have shortened the text behind some of the ones that were there from the start. It does not mean that I have changed my mind about them!

When I started this blog I was worried that adding links to other websites would be violating someone's copyrights. Just because everybody does it, doesn't mean it's correct, right? But a lawyer I know told me that I need not worry about that unless I use anything on those websites for commercial reasons. But apparently there could be trouble ahead if you (whoever you are) uses one of the links and suffers some damage from that (what could that be, I wonder?). So I now have this little disclaimer underneath the links, which seems a bit silly really, but better save than sorry.

The thought that anyone can just add a link on his/her website to mine is a bit scary! What if that website contains something that I do not endorse? And then some freak, who visits that website because he likes what's on it, ends up on mine. I really do not like that idea! But apparently that is a risk you take when you live in cyberspace.

If I have added a link to your website and you feel uncomfortable about this e.g. because you think this blog is crap, please let me know and I will delete it! Promised!


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