Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Rat Pack

We went to see the preview of The Rat Pack at the KölnArena tonight. Can I recommend it? Well, the KölnArena is NOT the Sands Hotel, however hard they try and however often they say it is during the show! The atmosphere is what it is in a large venue like that, even if they put up dinner tables in front of the stage. The show itself is very entertaining. They have found three performers who actually look the part. They even sound almost like the real thing. Alas, only almost! On June 6th, 1993 I had the great pleasure of hearing Frank Sinatra perform live in Cologne. I did not actually see him, because being a student I couldn’t afford the ticket. But it was an open air concert and standing behind the barrier, the sound was perfect! And so was Frank. Ah, those were the days…

Back to the show: In-between songs there is a lot of banter going on on stage, most of it is about Dean Martin’s partiality for alcoholic drinks. There could have been less of that, I felt. The choice of songs performed is fine and the band is very good.

So, in a nutshell: If you have a chance to see The Rat Pack show, do go. But be prepared to come out of it with a melancholy feeling. *sigh* Oh yes, and make sure that there are no drunken twits sitting in front of you, singing along loudly! Kind of ruined “My Way” for me.

There is a full moon and I do not sleep well. If there is an increased growth of hair I will have to find a silver bullet to end it all.


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