Sunday, December 04, 2005

Car-boot sale

I have been to a special car-boot sale today, one that is restricted to records and CDs. Oh yes, and DVDs for those over the age of 18. What a combination!

I was not looking for "Chainsaw Massacre 12" but for rare stuff by The Cure and other CDs that are out of sale at Amazon (like some of the older World Party CDs I'd like to have). But I have not been very successful. Will check on Ebay. I have bought a number of good CDs there lately and was lucky that everything arrived safely and was in good condition. I wonder, when I will have my first "bad buy".

On duffylovers there is currently a discussion about how people found rare records and CDs in pre-Ebay days. Ebay can be fun and quite exciting. But I prefer hunting for the things I would like to have in car-boot sales or flea markets or whatever you call them.

Oh yes, and the re-release of "Duffy" has finally arrived! It has a new cover, the previous orange one replaced by a new black-and-white picture. It shows Stephen, 10 years younger and in dire need of a haircut.


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