Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Every day is like Sunday

Why isn't Morrissey right? Every day is like Sunday, every day is silent and grey. That's grim but it would have been better than what today was actually like! In fact it was a **** day. My least favourite collegue from oversease is here. It took him an amazing 60 seconds to make me want to strangle him. He has brought along his new collegue, whom I took an immediate dislike too. I swear, I entered the room determined to like her! But... I should have gone to have dinner with them tonight but "unfortunately" my boss found some things that needed changing in a presentation he is going to give tomorrow. I owe him for that.

Markus has sent me another big pile of copies of interviews etc. with SD. And on top of it he included a single (7'') of In Inverna Gardens/Dreaming! I really do not know, how to thank him for this. So I have spent a couple of hours now reading and drinking red wine to forget what happened at work.

As a lullaby I will listen to The Cure. Probably The Top. Although that always makes me slightly aggressive, so maybe I should chose something else instead.


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