Thursday, April 29, 2010

London marathon report - part 1

Saturday started with a short morning run. Uli guided us:

... through Kensington Gardens, around the Albert Memorial and past the Albert Hall...

... into the heart of Hyde Park...

... and on to the Serpentine, where some hardened (or mad) people were getting into the swimming area (it's not the temperature of the water that makes me shudder, but the thought of diving through tons of duck poo)...

It was meant to be a relaxing run at easy pace, but I was quite out of breath afterwards. I was comforted only be the fact that Frank's face was even redder than mine.

Because it was a beautiful sunny day, Uli and I decided to take the boat from Westminster to Richmond at noon:

If I was rowing, someone following me in a motorboat shouting "row faster" would be a recipe for disaster. I'd end up with blood on my hands.

Fulham F.C.

After two hours we arrived at Richmond:

A few other people had had the same idea:


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