Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The last couple of days I spent in Manchester, one of my favourite cities. Like Eric Cantona said, "here, there is an insane love of football, of celebration, of music".

I went to
The Quays:

Saw the wrong stadium from a distance...

... went back to the city and saw the right stadium at close range...

This is the civil court building, which Mancunians call "the filing cabinet":

You can just about see the jutting out glass parts on the right that look like open drawers. Apparently, the architects are being sued, because something is not quite right with this building. If this goes to court, the hearing would take place in the building that the dispute is about. How bizarre.

Abraham Lincoln in the back, Manchester bee in the front:

I stayed at the
GJS Hotel, which used to be an old school building. It is very stylish, but has one of the unfriendliest receptionists I have ever come across. And a ghost, but that was a no-show. The rooms are all individually styled. Mine was lilac-burgundy:

Before I went home, I had the hottest ever vegetable korma on
the Curry Mile. Korma is meant to be mild. MILD. Should I have been warned by the triptych of a red chilli pepper on the wall of the restaurant? So, the search for the perfect vegetable korma continues. So far, the best one was served in 1997 in a place that is now called The Blue Mint. But in 13 years time, the chef has probably changed about 10 times.


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