Sunday, November 13, 2005


Today my training unit was 90 minutes at the relaxed pace of 9:00 min/km and an average heart rate of 146. Afterwards the machine told me that I had run 9.88km. So somewhere on the way I lost 0.12 km, but where? And how?

My right knee feels funny. It is not hurting but it definitely feels strange. Will keep an eye on it.

We went to our favourite Chinese restaurant today for lunch. The service was not as good as usual, because the restaurant was unusually full. Since they have opened their Sunday buffet, more people have started coming. Cannot blame them, it is good value for money.

Tomorrow evening is the annual meeting of our football club. A very entertaining event! I am a connaisseur of human folly and there is always a lot of that to be seen there. My father and brother are members too, but my brother has to give a lecture at university, so he will not be able to attend. But dad and I will go, not least because of the free tickets we will get for one of the next home games. I reckon we have paid for it with our annual member fee. Nothing in life is for free.
Another thing that happens tomorrow is the re-release of "Duffy" by Stephen Duffy. I have pre-ordered it from HMV, so hopefully it will be in my postbox within a couple of days! Looking forward to that.


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