Friday, November 11, 2005

Kölle alaaf!

So, here it is again. Cologne has put on its red cardboard nose and started to "schunkeln". The fifth season of the year officially started today at 11:11 am - Karneval. This morning on the train into town I saw clowns, nurses, cowboys on their way to the Alter Markt, where the official Karneval opening party takes place every year. On my way back home I saw the same clowns, nurses and cowboys. Only this time completely drunk.

I was born on one of the "important" days of Karneval, Weiberfastnacht. That is the Thursday on which street carnival starts (the actual date changes every year, depending on Eastern). So you would expect me to get more excited about the whole thing. But I cannot help feeling that it is used by too many as an excuse to get drunk and have sex with as many people as you possible can.

But to honour this important day we started today's team meeting at 11:11 am. And I can report that the team has got its priorities right. Top 1 on the agenda was fixing a date for our Christmas party (now to take place on Dec 9th) and Top 2 agreeing our Christmas holidays. We cannot all be out of the office at the same time, but we managed to sort it out.


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