Sunday, November 06, 2005

Carreer girls and Jimbo in the NY marathon

So, now I know what "movies in which nothing happens" are: Carreer girls, Tree's Lounge, Smoke. But before the movies there was a leathal mix of Flensburger Pils, Port, red wine and espresso. In the kitchen Carsten revealed another one of his many hidden talents and made pizza. Delicious! All of this took us so long that I had to leave after the first of the movies, "Carreer girls", otherwise I would have been stranded in the big city. The movie was to my surprise quite good. Two women meet again for one weekend after they haven't seen each other for six years. They used to live together during their student days (in the 80s) and over the weekend nothing really happens apart from their trip down memory lane. I probably liked the movie because the soundtrack is by The Cure! And the way they dressed and their haircuts reminded me a lot about the way I looked back in the eighties. But do I really want to be reminded of that?

Right now I am watching the NY marathon on Eurosport. Jimbo is running and he has promised to wave into the camera, when he sees one. Well, actually he said, he may moon into the camera. I bet, he doesn't! But with him, you can never be really sure.


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