Friday, November 04, 2005

The last day of my holiday

So, the last day of my holidays is almost over. Have I relaxed? No, not really. Thanks to that devilish littel gadget called Blackberry I have checked my emails daily (and answered more than I should have), my boss has called me, I have been to the conference to the office a couple of times. Bad, bad, bad...

Pascale's exam yesterday went ok. She scribbled away like mad in the morning session and by lunchtime she was exhausted but also not too unhappy. In the afternoon session however, she struggled a bit and was rather depressed when I had to call time at 16:40. We went for a couple of drinks afterwards and the alcohol cheered her up a bit. She has to wait until January before the results come through. Torture.

I spent the whole day sitting on the floor of the meeting room we used for the exam, reading Bob Dylan's Chronicles and trying to disturb her as little as possible. I even fell asleep for a couple of minutes after lunch.

Tomorrow night a couple of friends and I have one of our regular movie nights. We watch two or three movies with a common theme. Or maybe one common actor or director or something like that. Tomorrow it is "movies in which nothing really happens". Whatever that may mean. I will let you know Sunday.


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