Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Supervising Pascale

So, now I am back home. Tomorrow I will be in the office but not for work. It is a favour to a good friend. Pascale is taking the North American actuarial exams. We have registered our office as an official exam centre, so that she does not have to travel to Canada, where she is from. She needs to be supervised by an actuary and has asked me to do that. She is a good friend and a lovely person, so of course I said yes. Plus she promised that I would receive a pen from the actuarial society (yes, I can be bought). Tomorrow is the third time I am supervising her: the first gift I received was a little clock plus thermometer, the second gift was a bag; both of course had the logo of the actuarial society on them. This time I do want that pen!

It is the final exam Pascale has to take and she has failed it twice already. The observant reader will have noticed that this means she failed every time I supervised her. I hope, this does not mean that I bring her bad luck! I took the German actuarial exams and failed non-life insurance twice. I have a pretty good idea of how she is feeling right now. But in less than 24 hours she will be feeling fine.

I will use the time during the exam to do some work and read a book. I have finished the very funny "Diary of a C-list celeb" by Paul Hendy and have started reading Bob Dylan's "Chronicles". Well worth reading!


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