Sunday, December 18, 2005

Coffee & cake

A friend invited us for coffee & cake at her place this Sunday afternoon, which was the fourth Advent. I have always thought, coffee & cake on a Sunday afternoon was mainly something for old people. Something we had, when I was little and the grandparents came to visit. So when the invitation arrived I asked myself, am I now officially old?

I still ask myself that, because I enjoyed the afternoon; the cake was nice, the coffee tasty and the company good. Maybe I was wrong and coffee & cake is something for everyone, if it is done the right way? Which brings up the question, what is the "right" way? Ah, before I get too philosophical, I will leave it there.

Anna has just bought this pyramid, which is a typical Christmas decoration in the Ore Mountains of Eastern Germany. The heat from the flames moves the propeller at the top. This can have a hypnotic effect...


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