Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's snowed again

It snowed again today, but it disappeared almost immediately after it touched the ground. Makes me wish again I lived in Scandinavia or Alaska... Do the people there wish themselves away to a warmer place? Is the grass really always greener on the other side?

I bought a new washing machine today. My neighbours complained about the old one. Something is broken inside, so it moved about during the spin cycle and bumped into the ones that belong to my neighbours. They said, my machine was aggressive. I think, it just wanted to play. Well, I caved in to their request and bought a new one. It will be delivered on Monday.

The cat enjoyed watching the snow flakes fall. He has to stay indoors, because he is FIV positive. FIV is the feline equivalent of HIV. His roaming days are over until someone invents a cat condom or finds a cure. Does he remember what it was like to be out and about?


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