Saturday, September 08, 2007

Visit to the v...e...t

Mr Cat is watching me, I have to be careful what I type. We went to the v...e...t this morning for his vaccination and check-up. He has lost weight, which good. He is still a big boy, but since he is about twice as big as a normal cat, that's not surprising. The morning turned bad for him, when the v...e...t started to cut his claws. One had started to grow in a curve and looked like it would soon grow into his paw. It is really like cutting our finger or toe nails, it doesn't hurt. But he put up such a fight, she had to put on thick leather gloves to protect herself. Thankfully, he has a short memory and is my friend again. But for a couple of minutes he wasn't on friendly terms with me.

Tomorrow I will run the Br├╝ckenlauf (15k) and it will be just for fun. There wasn't much time to train and I am not motivated to exhaust myself. Must be the weather.

While it is raining outside, I am listening to the excellent Brothernature

and reading Michael Palin's diaries 1969 - 1979, which had mixed reviews. I haven't come far enough to tell you what I think.


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