Sunday, August 17, 2008


Training is going rather nicely, I am satisfied with the speed I am running. It is not incredibly fast, but after months and months of pain in the shinbones, I am happy to be almost pain free and faster than the Nordic Walkers! The Berlin marathon is a little more than a month away and my greatest problem is psychology. After today's run just the thought of doing the same distance again for 2.5 times made me feel sick. I fear, that I will not manage to run the marathon through just because my head is playing tricks on me. It does not help, that I have done it before. Right now, the distance seems undoable.

Here are the training stats for week 33:

Total running time: 4 h 33 min
Total distance run: 43.71 k

In other news the balconies of our house are currently being done up and I cannot let the boys go outside; don't really want them to drop into my neighbours garden. So to keep them entertained I bought some new toys. One was a big success with both of them, but especially with Filou. If he wasn't neutered, he would have mated with this thing. It smells of catnip and after intensive scratching, licking and rubbing against it, he fell asleep:

Right now the boys have blocked the sofa for an afternoon nap, there is no room for me:


At September 05, 2008 12:07 pm, Blogger Kay said...

Awww LOVE the boys! The tabby is SO like our Grommet. Good luck with your training for the marathon.
I am no longer chiefbiscuit - have reverted to my name (just in case you didn't recognise me!)

At September 14, 2008 5:56 pm, Blogger Sabine said...

Of course I recognised you! I already noted that you changed the name of your blog and your own. Good to see you are back from your blogger's leave. The boys say "hello".


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