Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I went to my Aikido class yesterday. Our dojo must be the most beautiful one in the world! I doubt that the new fish will survive the winter though. I arrived rather early, so I could watch the advanced Aikidokas' training session. It looks so easy, but trust me, it's not! After two years I am still an absolute beginner. It is so difficult to free your mind and not forestall what is coming. Especially as Uke you know, you will fall because that is what this attact and defence training is all about. But to wait for the impulse from Tori and not fall in some "anticipatory obedience" is hard.

After class we went to our favourite Mexican again. And Nicki - I said "no" to Nachos Sonora! That took all my willpower. They were right there under my nose and smelt delicious.

Maria has opened her own architecture firm recently and yesteday evening she told me about her first proper client. Apparently he is the "please do not be creative, just build what I have sketched" type, but it is start.


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