Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Back to the office

I have been back to the office for a meeting with SAP to discuss our glossy success story marketing brochure. The fastes implementation project in the short history of release 4.0 apparently. It felt like years! But the message is: project in time, in scope, in budget. A very rare thing to happen.

Have pointed out (again) that some SAP merchandise should be coming my way if they really want to quote me saying nice things about their software and services in the brochure. Their mugs are really nice! I think the message was understood.

Have made arrangements to go to London for a business conference ("meet the experts"). It takes place during my hols but the topics are just too interesting to be missed. It means that I will go to London for my mini-break, come back home for a home mini-break and go back to London for a mini-conference break. Have I mentioned that I am afraid of flying?

On the way home I saw Mike Kr├╝ger filming in the main station. His nose really is that big. Not starstruck though, because I do not really like him.


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