Saturday, October 15, 2005


My printer is out of order. It thinks it's got a paper jam. But I have fixed more paper jams in my life than I care to remember! Trust me, this printer does NOT have a paper jam! The online help suggested that it may need new cartridges, so I went and bought a black one and a colour one for altogether €65. I am still hyperventilating. My brother recently bought a brand new printer that is also a scanner and photocopier for €70! Well, guess what. It did not need new cartridges, it is still refusing to work. Fortunately I had only inserted the black one as a test, so I could get my money back for the unused colour one. I feel like smashing this machine with a baseball bat, alas I haven't got one. So I will just throw it out of the window and buy a new one next week.


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