Friday, October 14, 2005


I am now officially on holiday for three weeks. A reason to celebrate? Normally, yes. But in my case no. I have been given a Blackberry and together with the laptop, I now have a makeshift "home office". Of course, this is only for the highly unlikely event of an emergency! Hahaha!

They always manage to make me fear that the investors will walk into the sunset if I cannot be reached to answer their questions. It is very cleverly done, though! These innocent questions: "Are you going away or staying home? Oh, away only for a couple of days! In that case could you come into the office for important meetings? You know, just in case..." They suggest that I am much more important than I really am. I have a team that could answer most of the questions an investor is likely to ask. But I am being manipulate using my solidarity with the company I work for and my pride. So I say "yes, of course".

I am such a fool sometimes.


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