Sunday, November 20, 2005

99 is not 100

I have just finished running for 99 minutes at a speed of 9:02 min/km. Should have done 100 minutes but the maximum duration the treadmill accepts is 99. Oh, what the ****! My knee feels funny again. Now that IS a problem!

Yesterday I received the back issues of Aztec Moon ( that I ordered. They are great! You can see that Cecile and the others put a lot of work into them. They could go easier on the colour thought. Sometimes the texts are hard to read because of all the patterns and pictures. Looking forward to the next issue, which is coming soon, Cecile says.

Still no sign of "Duffy". It was released on Monday, so they should have shipped it to me by now. The UK is not THAT far away.

Have bought a ticket to see the Robbie Williams concert next August. I will probably be the only one with a "Stephen, here I am" sign amongst all those women holding "Robbie, let me be your angel" etc. signs. :-) Markus says, I should at least wear a Stephen Duffy t-shirt. Will certainly do that, but I have to make one first. There is not a lot of The Lilac Time merchandise to be bought.


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