Monday, November 14, 2005


Oh, the disappointment! We stayed for the whole meeting and in the end there were no free tickets, only a calendar for 2006. I feel deprived! The calendar is huge, I have no room for it anywhere in my home. I will probably throw it away.

But at least the "show" was good. We re-elected the board for a four year term only two hours ago and it is already in the teletext news on every channel. The usual questions were asked about players (why did you buy him, why have you not sold him, why is he always injured) and the manager (will he be fired if we relegate). It is the members that make the whole event entertaining. One guy, who sat not far away from me, reminded me of a suricate. He stood up every couple of minutes, looked around the room nervously and than sat down again. When he finally asked his question, I did not understand a word he said. Neither did anybody else. Some get up to ask a question and start by telling us the story of their life. Others just restrict themselves to shouting abuse at the manager and the board. Most fascinating! Free ticket or no free ticket, I will go again next year.


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