Sunday, October 30, 2005

London again

So I am back in London. I arrived savely around lunch time. The trip to the airport by car was really easy and made me wonder why I have never done this before. We'll see how I manage the way back tired and in the dark.

At the check-in there was a little confusion. A VERY stressed BA lady told me to stand in a very long line, which did not seem to move at all. In fact, it really didn't move. One hour (!) later I found that I was in the wrong line. This one was for an earlier flight that had been canceled and its passengers were going nowhere. I scurried over to the correct check-in, gave the BA lady an evil stare, which she ignored, and checked in.

This afternoon I went on a walk through Little Venice, which is not far from the hotel I am staying in this time (it's where the conference is going to take place). The walk was very entertaining and expanded my knowledge of the English language. I know now why we say "randy" (prostitutes in Randolph Street), "legging it" (how the boats were moved through tunnels on the cannal - boatmen lying on their backs on top of the boats, feet in the air, legging the boat forward) and "he is a Bobby Dazzler" (bright light used by boatmen in tunnels). So there you go, we have all learned something useful today. Plus I have taken a nice walk and got my pedometer working.

Tonight I will probably go on the Haunted London walk. Ghost stories at night! Fantastic! Either that or Jack the Ripper. But first I will have to find a place where they sell curry. I am hunting for the perfect vegetable korma! The best one so far I had in the Indian restaurant behind the railway station in Epsom.


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