Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This and that

So, Germany has its first female Chancellor. As a woman I cannot but think this is not a bad thing. Politically I remain sceptial, whether she will be able to get anything other out of this big coalition than compromises on the least common denominator.

Today the Finance department moved offices. In addition to the four floors our company had already occupied, we have rented the ground floor in the building. It previously housed the journalists' school operated by a large television company. But a couple of months ago they moved out. This morning my desk, telefon, books, files and myself moved from the second to the ground floor. Notably my PC did not, because I finally got a new one! (The old one I had was handed down to me from my boss' secretary!) Happy day! I spent the whole afternoon unpacking and generally making myself feel at home. My new office is nice, much larger than the old one. The only thing that worried me, was the note that was sent round, asking us to shut the blinds securely when we leave in the evening because of drug-related crime.

I have found out why "Duffy" has not yet arrived. Together with it I ordered two other records, both of which are not readily available and have been place on special order with the supplier. Argh!

Atec Moon Issue 7 is out. You can download it for free or order it from


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