Sunday, September 09, 2007

Not bad

Back from the Br├╝ckenlauf and it went rather well. I enjoyed the race, did not exhaust myself (yes Jens, that means I could have run faster but did not want to... is that the sound of Jens banging his head against a wall?).

My time was 01:30:09, but the total distance run varies even to official sources. The website where you could enlist for the race said 15.2k. The announcer just before the race said 15.15k and the result lists after the race said 15.3k. My Garmin had problems with the Lufthansa underbridge and lost its satellite connection, so in the end it said 14.67k. Never mind, the average speed was something around the 6:00 min/k mark, which was what I had in mind before I started.


At September 09, 2007 11:00 pm, Blogger Uli said...

Congratulations! Jens will agree you proved your talent with today's performance!

Also heard that you met B after the race. She was happy ;-) that her friend gave up after half the race so that she could pick up a good pace to finish the race just a couple of minutes in front of you.


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