Monday, September 29, 2008

Haile and me

I am back from Berlin, where Haile Gebrselassie broke his own world record, Irina Mikitenko won the women's race becoming the first German woman under 2:20 and I... well, I finished. But I am very happy and proud of myself, even if it was not a personal best. My training didn't go well for a long time, my shins hurt and motivation was low. Running all the way through (apart from the stops to drink water, which was handed out in cups not bottles; can't drink out of those running; liquid ends up everywhere, but in my mouth) was an achievement, even if towards the end I turned into a human snail:

5 k - 00:30:04
10 k - 00:59:41
15 k - 01:29:59
20 k - 02:02:00
Half - 02:09:03
25 k - 02:35:10
30 k - 03:09:03
35 k - 03:43:22
40 k - 04:19:52
42.195 k - 04:35:25

After the marathon is before the marathon - I have a place in the London marathon next April.


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