Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stats of the week - weeks 1 - 3

Right, stats of the week are back.

Week 1

Total running time: 04:10:29
Total distance run: 37.8 km
Additional workout: 01:30:00 gym plus "walkies"

Week 2

Total running time: 02:08:32
Total distance run: 20.1 km
Additional workout: 02:45:00 gym plus 01:00:00 spinning

Week 3 (only half a week for workout due to a cold)

Total running time: 03:36:34
Total distance run: 33.78 km
Additional workout: "walkies"

The London marathon is 3 months and 7 days away.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let is snow

It is quite cold and it snowed. Of course. Why does this never happen at Christmas?

There even is snow on my balcony and someone has left his prints...

I have seen them before... on my ceramic stove top... they match this paw...