Sunday, October 23, 2005

The 1066 Country Walk

Sunday we left again by bus at 9:30 am to do the 1066 country walk from Winchelsea to Rye. The bus driver was from Hastings and on the way he told us that a shopping centre had been built over the cricket ground there. Apparently an act of blasphemy! He was getting quite worked up about it. Mmmh, cricket is nothing that gets me overexcited.

The weather did though. And to prove that it was indeed brilliant, Linda took this picture of me squinting into the sun.

This walk was much better than the previous one. The views were beautiful and there much less stiles. We passed through the backyard of Paul McCartney’s windmill (he has his recording studio in it) and yes, you have guessed it, some of the ladies burst into song. I think I recognised Yesterday and Hey Jude.

But I bet, if Paul was home he felt like calling amnesty international to accuse us of torture. They even decided to shout “we love you, Paul” and “you were always our favourite”. A time warp back into the 60s for me and Mr McCartney (if indeed he was home).

In this graveyard we found the grave of a comedian, Spike Milligan. His family had "I told you I was ill" engraved on his tombstone. The Irish have a strange sense of humour!

Jochen collected more mushrooms and this time he threatened that he would give them to the chef of the hotel for our dinner!

And later I found the perfect street for me to live in on the way.

The walk ended in Rye and we had a couple of hours before the bus would pick us up. Rye is a pretty and in the old part of it quite picturesque town. But after two hours I felt I had seen everything there is to see and I was glad when we were on our way back to the hotel.

When I was back in my room, I found that my toilet was broken and the whole bathroom floor had been flooded. I had left a couple of bags on the floor and they were soaking wet. While I spent 80 minutes on the treadmill next to the steam room (yes, this meant that the gym had sauna temperature) the hotel decided that there was nothing they could do but move me to a different room. So, for one night I carried all my belongings to the other side of the hotel. Well, to say the truth, my incredibly heavy and large suitcase was carried by a young man from the hotel. Bless his cotton socks. The new room was actually much nicer than the old one, looking out to the beach instead of the station. Unfortunately it had a different shower system and I was too stupid it out. I ended up holding down a switch with my right foot to keep the water flowing. There must have been a better way to do this!


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