Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fom blonde to brunette

I have gone from blonde to brunette in just over an hour. The wonderful lovely Jan (alas - for us females - gay), the only man, no, the only human being that is allowed to do my hair, has convinced me to try something a little darker. My true colour is neither fish nor flesh, somewhere between blonde and brunette. "Mittelblond" is the official German term for it. "Strassenköterblond" is what I call it. Anyway, my hair has never been this dark before and I love it.

The weather is finally matching my autumn depression. Today the temperature has dropped significantly and it started raining. Time for a cup of tea, biscuits, The Lilac Time and a good book. Mmmh, I think I will revisit "Fever Pitch". Although the way the 1. FC Köln is currently playing my love for football is being put to the test big time.


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