Saturday, October 22, 2005

From Ninfield to Bexhill

On Saturday we left at 9:30 am by bus for our first walk after a full English – in my case veggie – breakfast. I felt so full, I honestly thought I would not eat any of the picnic lunch we had been given.

We weren’t actually told where we were going. I only figured out later that we had been driven to Ninfield and then walked back to Bexhill.

The walk was ok but not very impressive. It took about 5 hours and we did not see the coast at all. I guess it served the purpose to find out how fit the members of the group really are.

The only lasting memories I have are an enormous amount of stiles (some of them in really bad condition), being molested by a group of horses and feeling incredibly hungry at 12 o’clock. I wolfed down my picnic lunch thinking that Nicki would certainly not approve of my new eating habits.

All along the way, Jochen collected mushrooms. We asked him, what he was going to do with them but he avoided answering for a while. Eventually he told us that he would dry them in his hotel room and use them for cooking back home. Imagine the face of the maid who had to clean his room! Would you call the hotel manager and report an unexpected fungus problem in one of the rooms?

Back at the hotel I had some time to read and listen to Radio 1. Dinner was the same procedure as the day before and went to bed again feeling full.

On the telly there was Robbie Williams in Berlin and Stephen Duffy again looked like an animal caught in the headlights of a car. By now, I WAS feeling sorry for him.


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